Eight Ed - The Hate You've Driven lyrics

What the hell is wrong with all of you
We'll turn things around, you'll pay your dues
The smell of cologne, populating the town
The grease from your hair is making me drown

(Verse 1)
Why is it so cool to be like you
Strutting around like the owner of the school
Rolling up your sleeves like you got someone to please
It's your oversized ego thats got to leave


(Verse 2)
You beat me up cause im not in your game
I have my opinion and "it's really lame"
You think I wanna be like you
That's not for me you greasy fool


(Verse 3)
All in all I've made my decision
Someday you'll learn your lesson
When you get what you have given
It's this passion of hate you've driven