Eight Ed - Intoxicated Choice lyrics

You had things good, until that day
All wrong things have a price to pay
You had a price, one to pay
Paid it though in a different way

(Verse 1)
Jim had a bad day, so he hit the bar
Straight to the hard stuff, Jim took it too far
Things turned bad when he got in his truck
Took a wrong turn, now he?s outta luck

Said you were fine when you left that bar
But now we see you didn?t go to far
Before you took the life of another
But your gone too, no time to suffer


(Verse 2)
How would you feel to know what you did
And you still had your life and were free to live
Things can end by one big mistake
Why?d you pick this one, the one to make

You had it good, had it all
You didn?t think, and took a fall
But you screwed up, now your gone
No second chance, what is done is done