Eig8th Day - Yiddishe Mamma lyrics

Lucky is the mom that had you
Lucky is the dad that raised you
Lucky is the school that schooled you
So holy so pure.
Evil knocked and the lights
Went out the whole world cried when they heard you shout like never before
All the angels and the dreaming men rushed to the scene just to hold your hand
Saying what's going on
Hey what's going on.
Yiddishe mamma don't you cry
Yiddishe mamma in the sky
Yiddishe mamma a lullaby
Mamma of mumbai
Yiddishe mamma we'll live for you
Yiddishe mamma we'll do what you do
Yiddishe mamma its coming true
Yiddishe mamma we'll
See it through.// so holy so pure.
Midnight came and our hearts fell out the world cried when they heard you shout
But you were never alone
G-d was
Watching and said right then you'll be back soon
Yeah back again
Like never before.