Eidolon - Blood Rain lyrics

Music: S. Drover, G. Drover
Lyrics: S. Drover

As I glide swiftly in shadows
Unknown â€" I move without a sound
Before your mouth opens to scream
I'll have your world turned inside out
Within these walls are screams of pain
Countless ones who died before you
Forever trapped â€" your life is mine
For my life is blood rain

Glancing through these eyes of black
The mission â€" to fulfill my need
Fatally hear you beg for life
Unwilling to absorb your plea
As soon you join the countless ones
Who've taste my blood red steel
Now that I have sealed your fate
Before my cross you'll kneel

Solo - Slav, Glen

At last for you â€" your time has come
For you to embrace my blade
Vastly quick I slit your throat
Now buried in your blood you lay
Behold my twisted vision
Motionless â€" your body still
Dormant in an unmarked grave
Existence â€" intent to kill!