Ego Likeness - Breedless lyrics

I suffer from an inhuman condition
Almost empty of my empathy
Whisper mantras for compassion
I am losing the human in me
Maybe my mother was a Hydra
Maybe my father Unseelie
Maybe my family came from Lycia
I can't deny
The other creatures in me

I am not whole, I am unkind
I'm not like Eve, but I feel fine
My blood is not pure, my body untrue
And I'd rather be breedless
Than be like you

Too many people, too many signals
Too many egos, too much greed
Too many footprints, too much forgotten
Too many luxuries disguised as needs

I fought with Adam in the garden
I tried to warn him long ago
Now in this strange world
Who are the monsters?
How can you tell?
How will you know?

Chorus repeat x2

And I'd rather be breedless than be like you!