Edith Grove - Forgiven lyrics

Last Night I dreamt the Mississipi was rising over my head
Over my head
I woke up with a steam engine pounding in my chest
In my chest

I don't want to spread no bad omens but I seen the ravens gathering around my path
No matter what they say sometimes the past comes back alive

I feel the swamp heat humidity rolling across my brow,
Cross my brow
Baby I tried to call but the phone lines were down
Lines were down

I hear the sheriff's sirens in the whine of cicadas in the trees
It's the hottest day on record
Must be Hell moving in a little closer

I hear the horses coming but I don't see no riders
See no riders
I did some bad things in Fayetteville that keep me running hard
Running hard

You can take it all away now
You can drop me in the Lord's burning hands
Just let me make it to Memphis and I swear I'll be in church on Sunday

I'm not forgiven
I'm not forgiven
I'm not forgiving myself