Edison Woods - Secrets lyrics

Face was bright in the dim light,
She reached out, took a drink.
And the man laid his coat down,
Looked at her, took a seat.
Is that a secret you're keepin'?
Seems there might be one to remember.
Is that a secret you're keepin, yeah?
Know those eyes from before.
From before.

He said, I don't mean to intrude,
But there's a lady I lost to the wind.
And I can't help but notice,
Well, you look kinda wind blown,
And I've walked for years
And I've walked to clear my mind
But love is short, forgetting is so long...

She looked up at him slowly.
She looked up at the moon.
And she turned with that still mystery
And the warmth that he knew.
If I ever did know you,
I'd have surely adored you.
But I never did know you, kind sir.
So now let me go.
So now let me go.