Eden's Curse - Dare To Be Different lyrics

Changin' the way we're livin today
A little more that we conceive
If we harness the mind?
Then the vision we find
May be more than we believe

If we break the chains and all the restrains
Fight for justice till it hurts, go against the flow
And soon we all know the value of our worth

Imagination callin'
Stop yourself from stallin'
Life you live is fallin'
Time to pay your dues

I wasn't born to follow
I'm never hanging with the in crowd
All their minds are hollow
Dare to be different
Some ain't born to wonder
I'm not walking with the in crowd
Their mindless words just thunder
Dare to be different

Power of truth is what we all need
To run away from their beliefs
Set your own goals live from the soul

Breaking the mould always do as you're told
The truth will always come out
Our choices in life don't fall by the knife
From the orchestra of doubt

I wasn't born to follow

Dare to be different
Dare to be different
Dare to be different
Dare to be different