Eddie B - Splash (2013)

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Eddie B - Splash lyrics

All this dozen is up to stake the game
(la musica de Harry Fraud)

This was never about money for us,
Is about us against the system.
The system kill the human spirit.

This tend for something
To those .. so, each she call the free way in the middle coffins
We show them the spirit to survive

I just wanna make more bread than panera
I’m here to save the game like mariana rivera
Looking out my haters in the real few mirror,
A nigga bitter weed that’s made it much clearer,
And scratch off material numbers and serve justice
MC handle the grandle you can’t touch this,
And people think it’s funny fam, the way I pull up the heat,
Shoot out your feet, make your homie do the plunty man,
Young rhythm punny ham, master with a sunny clam,
Roll up on your whippin’ shoot your bitch up like the sun to sand,
You gotta understand I’m not a fan of emo,
I’m the best never do it like the homie .. vino,
But I ain’t with the .. any doubt fears,
Are you at the greed wood cementery fire you call fears,
I’m awful A now, and awful pay now
Collecting Rolexes is the only way to save time,
Use a f*ck boy, I heard it through the great rhyme,
Too scared to move a little worker cross the state line,
I ate line, my right hand is on the bubble, I snipe you with the ..
And work on a motorcycle, on a coward …
Rolling like the kind of .. rocky,
Is the way of master tsunami, rolling with the punjabi
Penetrate the punani, uh mami you got me,
That fat p**sy is astonishing
I got a camera toe hoe, on each and every continent,
Don’t get offended ladies, that’s a compliment,
You are now rocking with the verbal that you hnear
Decapitate you, head you keep it as a souvenir,
Look it here, this so much purple in the ear
I’m … I’m out here, you ain’t no ‘bout that life,
I pull em like Ashton Kutcher and put you with the knife
And shit is trife but nobody said it wouldn’t be my .. was a piece of shit
That faget wasn’t good to me, so what?
I grew up and did better, big homie king homie give me on the chatter.