Eclectic Fever - Why lyrics

Tell the angels to hold me abck cuz i'm taking a shot at Jesus. Don't hold your breather kids cuz i'm sure it wont make much difference. You wanna be save? You alone can save yourself. If you're meant to live you'll se tomorrow if not then good luck to whatevers next, if anything.

Don't take offence i only mean to question the human race. Everyone does i know its kind of hard not to, we don't ever know why. So we are all blind. I swear, one day I'll know why, one day i'll laugh and think of all my life as just a pleasent dream. It will make sense, I'll draw the curtain of the window never looked upon and for one foolish moment all the stars will shine for only me.

And even if i only understand for an unimportant second my soul will forever bathe in the sunshine of ecstacy.

Please excuse me, i just would like to think theres more to all of this then God.
And if i'm ignorant, then shoot me now cuz theres more to life than the views of a catholic.

Theres someone waiting to greet me with open arms and when they do...that'll show you.