Echolyn - Island lyrics

Lyrics by 10-5-62 and Brett Kull

Seemed like it always rained no matter where we'd be.
To this day it remains a constant part of our anatomy.
Dives turned to diamonds while we planted our seeds.
The garden grew around us when they found us as a beautiful machine.
All that we loved went into hiding.
All this hiding tore us apart.
Our machine and all its beauty became a ghost to us all.
Fight through the minutes, through the hours, all the days to cry out.
This has grown way beyond me.
You can't be seen among the living until you cry out.
This has grown way beyond me now.

Torn by confusion, fueled by nonsense.
Step from the mountain, from its shade, no regrets left to be paid.
There's violent blood on my shirt, glory in my head.
I was staggering in patience wondering why I said.

These are the miles, heavy and blue.
These are the places we stare into.
We went to give into the throws of the city, to the folds of the fields.
So much noise.

Walking upright from the mountain,
straight into a golden hum.
The smiles that worked against you,
shimmer, then are gone.

Shake off all the heavy noise. (Just let it go away)
Time to clean out what you carry (and let the song you say)
Bury the sorrow and suffering, (Just let it go away)
and what we used to be.

Drag your tongue across these bricks then bleed into the mortar.
Make it yours again.

Wicked doubt it does possess; it is a vine persistent.
Make it yours again.
Knowing all the triggers, beautiful in its tragedy,
tripping from the memories of this beautiful machine.
In soft rain with songbirds she answers, I am yours.

Island, alone is crushing.
Dry is killing. Island.
Once was nothing now as always,
I am waiting.

This has grown so way beyond me now.

To me you are an island;
a line where the sky meets the sea.
We can turn away or go there.
Hey island on horizon, your shores will never be far.
We can turn away or go there.

Fill my eyes with your yesterdays and beyond.

I'm lost without her voice to shine and save me from those rainy days.
This hurts to say, these are the last days that she'll save.

She is the love that holds it all.
She is the way.
She is love.