Echolyn - American Vacation Tune lyrics

I went a long way to find the lost hill
I walked the whole way after Knoxville
I paid a thin man who held a nice sign
I paid a cash toll to cross the state line
How many miles to the capitol
How far must I go
How many miles to the capitol
How far must I go

You should see the mountains
You should see the skies
I'm wild in America
Wild in my eyes

I went a long way to catch the sunset
I read some old news I'll never forget
I dug a hole in the dead highway sand
Hoping to get free from the tax free land

"After crossing a modest creek, over which lay planks,
I entered a group of backyards and driveways
Where plenty of men drifted about their interests.
Some men had whiskers - some had whisky.
Some stood still holding pictures of the things they bought.
From beneath a crooked porch, an uninhibited
Dog ran to my side. The dog stayed with me for a spell,
Yipping and panting, then fell back not wanting
To wander too far from his bowl. I beckoned him
To come with me further, as it is nice to travel
With a friend, but the dog could not come and
I had to keep moving,
'less I be tied by his liable agreement."