Echolyn - 1729 Broadway lyrics

Mame, I send you kisses for my boys
Tell them pappa's well, but misses them to death
How could I forget those little curls
Dew-Drop be good for pop and he'll surprise you girls
Mame, you're right there is no place like home
These have been the longest days I've lived
I wish this was my last week here
At least your letters help this place to disappear

Tell Furey, Ned, and Billy Knox I asked for them
Billy wants me to come home
There's work with him again
I don't like this place, can't call it home without you
There's an empty space in my heart without you

Mame, I send you my heart with all its aches
It's too weak to hold up, too proud to break
I wish I had one of you here
This place would turn around, this place would disappear

I feel so lonesome
I would give a year of my life to see the children