Easy Rider - Savage Rage lyrics

Welcome to our sea of madness
A place where nothing's real
The sound's your guiding light
Your time machine

Savage rage!
This is the power of music
Savage rage!
'Cause that's the way we like to play
Savage rage!
That's how the times are changing
Savage rage!
Because of this we carry on
It's the music that runs through our veins

You hear the people talking
You walk the wrong street
Running beside Satan and livin' in hell
"Look at their appearance"
"They can't give us something good"
Times are now changing and memory fades

The sound is telling you a story
A tale of fame and fantasy
You can escape at last from reality
Magic words are dancing
I can feel now wings to fly
Realise that music's like a rising sun

Let the nymphs, dragons and heroes
Penetrate inside your mind
Let the savage rage
Dominate all your dreams
Music, music!, that is Savage
Rage, rage!, That's what we are
It's the most powerful fury
You can feel inside