Easy Rider - Different Ways lyrics

The world is the dominion
For dream development
Established by its components coherency
It's a different way for the spirit
The 21st. Tarot secret
Between heavenly and infernal world
You may see the earthly one
And inside the highest mountains
Of the earthly world
You'll find the spiritual one
Discover the key
Like some people never will
It will open the gates of reality

I'm the centre of your world
Deify me... I'm your god
I'm agressive... I'm your sword
I am hotile... See in red

Mankind is losing the universe

Different ways for the spirit
Hiding the 21st. Tarot secret
Different ways for reality
Life's just a dream
Life is just passion and warfare

Yearning for elevation
Soul destruction.. Human decay
I'm a razor... I'm the blade
I'm reflexion... Dream in red