Eamon McGrath - Desperation, Alberta lyrics

In my home town
Bodies float down the river now
And all my friends have drinking problems now
It's like they've lived in bars
And all our lives are in gray skys now
No time to spend our lives
No time to save the light

We're always pulling somewhere the road never gets to
and your ghost is tempting visit through the year
There are times when our lives would disappear
I was born in a small town
People always putting their roots down
But I've got my self a drinking problem now
It's like we lived in bars

And the girls just stay pretty as they used to be
The grass just ain't as green
Everybody is trying to deceive

Well, I've got myself a drinking problem now.
Yeah, I've got myself a drinking problem now.
But I blame it on the town
I blame it on the town
And there's people sleeping in boxes
Nobody is willing to whistle down the wind
People never grow up
They just pin down in my hometown