Eagles - Doolin-Dalton lyrics (Chinese translation). | They were doolin, doolin-dalton
, High or low, it was the same
, Easy money, and faithless women
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Eagles - Doolin-Dalton (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: They were doolin, doolin-dalton
ZH: 他们是杜林,杜林道尔顿

EN: High or low, it was the same
ZH: 高或低,也是一样

EN: Easy money, and faithless women
ZH: 容易钱和失信妇女

EN: Red eye whiskey for the pain.
ZH: 威士忌酒红眼睛的痛苦。

EN: Go down little dalton, it must be God's will
ZH: 走下小道尔顿,它必须是神的旨意

EN: Two brothers lyin dead in Coffeeville.
ZH: 两个兄弟死在科菲维尔说谎。

EN: Two voices call to you from where they stood,
ZH: 两个声音从哪里他们站立了,打电话给你

EN: "Lay down your lawbooks now, they're no damn good."
ZH: "放下你有名无实,他们现在不好."

EN: Better keep on movin, doolin-dalton
ZH: 更好地继续前进,杜林道尔顿

EN: Till your shadow sets you free.
ZH: 直到你的影子让你自由。

EN: And if you're fast, and if you're lucky,
ZH: 如果你是快,和如果你幸运的话,

EN: You will never see that hangin tree.
ZH: 你不会看到那游荡的树。

EN: Well the towns lay out across the dusty plain
ZH: 好城镇躺满是灰尘的平原

EN: Like graveyards filled with tombstones waitin for the names
ZH: 像墓地一样充满了闹情绪名字的墓碑

EN: And a man could use his back or use his brains
ZH: 一个男人可以使用他的背或使用他的脑袋

EN: But some just went stir-crazy Lord cause nothin ever changed
ZH: 但有些只是去了什么换过变得精神失常的主原因

EN: Till they're doolin Neville Dalton
ZH: 直到他们杜林内维尔 · 道尔顿

EN: He was workin cheap, just buyin time
ZH: 他是羡慕价格便宜,只是驾照考试时间

EN: And then he laughed and said I'm goin
ZH: 然后他笑着说: 我要走

EN: And so he left that peaceful life behind
ZH: 所以他留下那平静的生活