EDUBB - Stepping Stone (2010)

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EDUBB - Stepping Stone lyrics

I will never be a stepping stone
I will never be
I will never be
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be a stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone

Start digging on a thing that it really ain’t
Start again .. I was all …
Try to get paid still try to learn the game
14 .. and a blue flame
All the .. nigger … quit
The only thing on my mind was to get rich
I am struggling cause you see with the hard boys …
who’s to say …boy.. I ain’t doing time boy
cause seeing all connects all the …
go and fuck your way at home
you hear for a second but … upon
he had the shit together knew it was the perfect timing
he started grew with my nigger Handy man
who … now he ain’t getting any
.. still try to getting
I’ve seen a lot of rappers tasking on


I remember back then when I was younger
It ain’t 97 but it was summer
…work nights the hardest shit to go for
Ain’t nobody getting wrong …
I never .. like my best friend
Got a shot from the cops in the West End
I took it as a lesson
. fuck them all.. I am rebel feel the range
.. play me hate me take your ass home
Never been a stepping stone
Take it or leave me alone
Here is another one for you
Don’t try …