E.M.S. - About Crime lyrics

What is crime? - the sick fucking killers?
What is crime? - the despicable rapists?
What is crime? - the greedy thieves?
What is crime? - the inhuman, capitalistic system!

Liberation - is what I need!

One more song for emma!

What is the cause of what we call crime?
It is inequality & property, that's to blame!
What about the sick, fucking killers & rapists, who's there to blame?
I'm not sure, but I know that the law has chaged nothing, never!
The system must change - or I have to excape! - penetration!

The real crime is rich & it's white & it's faceless!
The real crime seems clean, full of blood & it's faceless!
But they have other names, industry & it's faceless!
And we're all playing their game, numbered & faceless!

But there are millions of victims' faces - and these fuckers are faceless?

But you could see it! - if you would think a bit!

Crime! - I know that we would have to kill to live in freedom
But there's nothing beneath than to sing a song for the death-row

...and the fascist elite just breed their killers and thieves
To go on with it's bloody system of exploitation

I'm burning inside!