DyMe-A-DuZiN - Slept On (Freestyle) (2016)

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DyMe-A-DuZiN - Slept On (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fuck is up with these new rappers?
Talking down when lookin up to you rappers
No auto tune won't know what to do rappers
Feminine fashion counterfeit jewels flashing

Stage fooled with fool's who like "who's rapping?"
Studio savages, internet goons
Acting as if they actually blasting the tool
Fans shocked what the static revealing they true status
Super heroes how these stupid niggas save hoes
Broken bitches tryna fix niggas
Ok I hear you what you saying though ?
Everyday I hear options from a bitch nigga

6 heads on a Spliff like "who's matching?"
These slick woman get subways & rainbows
That's for the basics that think they B, tryna claim a Hov
No mercy pon a mon soul, tryna change clothes
But I guess that's how the game go
Guess it's how they game go

Niggas asking where the gang go?
But if the love changed was they really gang?
Secret meeting while I'm seeking achievements
For of us all, guess it's something they must see to believe it
Moving on, landlords not renewing the leases
Need a hit, a new piece or some newer pieces
Glad I'm cool with Jesus

Bumping loud through ject stair cases
Slept on like real hair & bare faces
Burnin backwoods with Kehlani in the bay
Neighbors banging on the furness like a party in the basement
2 Pieces on some sorry for the wait shit

Shorty 55 like Kyrie on the Blazers
Hoops on her nipples & a diamond in her navel
Eyes havels, skin bronze, body amazing
Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia
Dropped diamonds since we played "Grindin'" on the tables
Murrow halls bodying your favorites
Still get the dollars fuck the models & the mottos never changing

[Verse 2]
This is what they want though
Imma give them what they want though
Trap is booming but I want more
Turned the crib into the drug store
In the hallway blazing
My neighbors complaining
I don't really give a fuck though
And I still don't give a fuck though

Towel under my door, incense burning
Dime inside my dorm, let's get this work in
I'm tryna study your hips, you ain't on Instagram stunting and shit
Now that you here I'm in love with your shit
Good lord

Take off your clothes but slow it down
Girl just take your time
Your hair in my lap, pussy on my mind
Vodka in your glass, lobster on the grill
I just want that ass, can I be forreal
Can I be forreal