Dwele - Watch Me (2010)

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Dwele - Watch Me lyrics

I’m 22 big dreamin ain’t over
I’ma own a Rover, watch me
Few years later made it happen not from rapping
Smacking out this big dream still In me
One day I’ma own a Bmw,Watch me
Drink… …. Girl, say hey hey
Rub my body up like I rock the x spray, Watch me
Hey, hold up, hold up, I think I’m big …
Let me bury yo all in a lot of ball
Got the chicks in … Watch me
Some guys win’em all
Smoke good, ride mix, … big and tall
Feet to feet up in the air, walking with the birds
If you wanna watch me, buy binoculars
I smurf out on you, my dime is so blue
If you only had a smurfing clue
You and your crew would probably, Watch me

Till this song is through
Now I’m halfway to … Brooklyn zoo
Coast to coast here from snoop to some … ,Watch
Now that’s some real shit, You can feel shit
I’m out of shit to say, Watch me
Get on some Opp it’s surely
Loosing my mind like … carbon, no navigation … cruise
Even my head is that’s why they all, Watch me
It’s no occasion, A-day is amazing
… flip flap signs, even no vacation
The neighbors all, Watch me
They be pacing, outside my window just cold, shaking
While I’m inside, breakfast, bacon … star, Watch me
Lifestyle I don’t make it
… cold waste it
No Milly Vanilla here, we all get chocolate wasted, Watch me
Take a song about nothing, Turn it into something
Rap about nothing, get it to the end and make you watch the game