Dust Of Basement - In This Sky lyrics

There is a star so bright tonight
I knew I'll found you in it's light
Wearing dreams of snow and sun
You always was the only one
I remember our first sealed kiss
In a silver night like this
Thousand lifes and thousand skies
In our heads and in our eyes

Please stop dreaming, my only love
Tonight are we the sky above
King and queen of our fairytale
Heart by heart through storm and hail
All your wishes can come true
So my dream came alive in you
So take my heart and keep it ever
Let's make this night lasting forever

In this sky tonight
I'll be forever by your side
I am swimming in your light
In this sky we are tonight

When you go the colours leave
When you go I'll lost belief
My heart will fade away in pain
And all my hopes will die in vain
The next war will be my dead
If you're not more in my head
I know the world will loose it's light
If you're not more by my side

See it's dawning at eastern skies
Hear my heart, that painfully cries
Towers are crumbling and stars go grey
Moving birds move quietly away
I think it's time for going down
I think we should give back the crown
But let us keep this dream inside
Don't let us loose our heart tonight

In this sky tonight
I lost a heart near by your side
My only dream died without your light
In this sky tonight