Dusk (Usa) - Consigned To Oblivion lyrics

Bestowed hatred unveiled at last
Leviathan unleashed from the ancient past

Gaze into the light, it's glowing dim
Renounce the dread reign in sin
Detriment to society
Your departure downcast to me

Comatose state final abode
Dystipira exposed, destiny unfolds

Requiems of disgust prevail
Entrance to the world of betrayal
Modern youth, self destructive
Hurtling toward a senseless dungeon

Come feel the pain

Consigned to oblivion, eradication of man
Chaotic prevalence, affliction, tolerance
Consigned to oblivion, race slowly unwinds
Chaotic prevalence, affliction, tolerance

Subjective mind, life destroyed
Feeling contempt not resolved
Witchery, mass deception

Live to forget humanity
Emptiness deep inside
Nightmare, torment at last
Isolated world, shriveled pas...