Dunderbeist - Beacon lyrics


When all the cigarettes have burned
And all the waiters have sung last cow, well y'all
The stomach churn, well y'all
Cause stigma burn, saying

So you know you're at the top
And got first in line
And do you know just what you've earned?
Do you know which way to turn?
Do you?

They lit the beacon
For us to look that way!
And yet the weather is quite OK
I recognise this source of all
Try to think again
But we're done
And we won't head back again

How, could it be that all the garbage we consume
Are about ourself and our filthy ways
It's time to move on
Through this retard age!

That's when the people of the Ununited States of the Whole Wide World
Just settle down, and evolve.
Just settle down and evolve!

They lit the beacon
For us to look that way!

Stuck in the bubble all day after day after day!

So why can't we define these