Dumbfoundead - Korean Jesus (feat. David So) (2012)

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Dumbfoundead - Korean Jesus (feat. David So) lyrics

Back from being black balled
Here to slap all them stupid cats doin' bath salts
Korean Jesus, droppin' panties to the asphalt
Got them Asian b*tches getting freaky to them trap songs
Baptized with the water in the glass bong
Turned water into soju, got your facts wrong
If you tryna learn I teach a junior college class on it
Pass around the basket, put a couple racks on it
Took me 20 years to grow this f*ckin' goatee
It'll take another 40 years for you to shave it off me
I'm on that sensei swag with the wise look
Chicks dig it, even make the nuns wanna dry hump
Never drive drunk, but I do it high as hell
Cruisin' in Korea Town might as well, I'm Adele, bitter at my ex,
I'ma tell the world about her Ft. Lauderdale pictures of her breasts,

Chillin' in the bat cave, stackin' mad tracks
I ain't never had a half day
Your sh*t's wack, you should smash on the backspace
F*ck all your videos, I'd rather watch the ads play
Gotten more ass than them ads for them axe sprays
Sprained my damn back tryna do the latest dance craze
Dopin' up with Lance, pedalin' that good man made
Take two of these and it'll leave you in a trance daze
K-Town Jesus, rockin' open toed Adidas
Rollin Zig Zags and reefer with a big bag of cheez-its
It's beanie season I don't need a f*ckin' reason
No matter the degrees, if it's heated or it's freezing
Back but I never left, heaven sent raps from the devil's breath
Leanin' to the left, like a treble clef,
Respect don't get your panties in a knot
Buddha blessed, with Muhammad trying to hotbox with gods