Dumb Blonde Dead - The War Is Over For One More Solider (Prologue) lyrics

A mom says goodbye to her favorite son.
But it won't be long till she see's him again.
A man says hello to a girl in the snow.
"Just so you know, your son won't be home. He's gone away."
A mom says "What did you say about my little boy?.
He can't be gone, it hasn't been long.
He must be fine. He can't have died."
A man says "I'm sorry, I wish it'd been me.
But it was not, your boys been shot.
A bullet he's caught.
A mom says "I don't believe, you'll have to show me.
It can't be true, from first sight I knew a liar are you."
A man says "I'm really sorry, but your boy is dead.
The last words he said were 'Tell my old man to save
Me a slice of moms apple pie.'
A mom says "He's really dead, that was something they'd said.
As an inside joke when the fires they'd
Stoke would burn the food till everything smoked.
A man said "Where is he now? His father I mean."
But he had died, he died in the war. Just like his boy,
Because she was alone.