Duke Special - Old Folks And Cow Pokes lyrics

Well I been away for ever so long
And I wrote me a book and ten thousand songs
I dined with the princes and kings of this land
But I never stopped thinking of you

Well the tricks of my trade are beginning to fade
The wind wants to take them away
And I'd surely be lost without my old horse
But the road just won't give up its hay

As I dazzle and smile I hide all the while
And my body slows down every day
There's no princes or kings, just old folks and cowpokes
And never a glimmer of you

Well I'm told by a few that the earth is a globe
And that ain't hard to appreciate when you're on the road
It moves and it shifts and it never stays still
Why I don't suppose if ever it will

The tricks of my trade are now lost in the shade
The wind took 'em a long time ago
And my faithful old horse has now turned into dust
All that's left of him now is his bones

Well I dazzled, I smiled, but I hid all the while
And my body's near broken in two
I'm checking the view for old folks and cowpokes
And hoping for a glimmer of you, my love
Hoping for a glimmer of you