Ducky - Ballads For The Last Romantics lyrics

Here is a boy

Giving his heart to her though he knows the world cant compare

Here lies a note

Blackened with song that he wrote

She's too special

He will come in swinging

Save her from lions and tigers and loneliness

A black sedan

A bottle of alchohol and a childproof window

Miss, this is all we have tonight

Thoguh i hear this bottle can burn

Burn through your heart like your cigarette

Two happy rascals alight

She is not the girl, wishes the cleverly worded lines spoke of her

She is no princess

She has no charming man or a love to speak of

Sad to say, its sad to say

He'll never utter her name

Singing ballads for the last romantics

Idealistic and unchallenged

Can we fight this cure

Its all uphill from here

I am physically lovesick