26 August, 2016 - NME.com
One Direction fans have raised concern over the health of the boy band's Louis Tomlinson. Despite the pop group's ongoing hiatus, their fans remain vocal on social media and #LouisTakeCareOfYourself has started trending on Twitter after photos emerged of Tomlinson leaving a London nightclub in the early hours looking dishevelled. "He looks so weak[.] I'm crying[.] Please care about your health. We love you," one fan wrote, while another said: "It hurts me to see him like this, pls take care of this angel and protect him at all cost." He looks so weak I'm crying Please care about your health. We love you. #LouisTakeCareOfYourself pic.twitter.com/fRaRHaPkI1— Pizza (@_palwashayy) August 25, 2016 I mean look ah the deference between those two pics .... he looks so tiredand thin .. :(#LouisTakeCareOfYourself pic.twitter.com/Y8yP7wOriR— Boy Directioner (@ToufikTomlinson) August 25, 2016 it hurts me to see him like this, pls take care of this angel and protect him at all cost #LouisTakeCareOfYourself pic.twitter.com/9hpStrWeOL— lesley | 4 (@pydclayton) August 25, 2016 It comes after recent news that Tomlinson and former 1D star Niall Horan have been forced to change their mobile numbers after receiving "disgusting" messages on WhatsApp. "Time to change my number .. Getting some disgusting stuff on what's app... Losers !" Tomlinson wrote on Twitter on August 16. One Direction have been on hiatus since the beginning of the year. Following in the footsteps of former bandmate Zayn Malik, who topped the charts earlier this year with his debut album 'Mind Of Mine', Liam Payne has recently announced he is launching a solo career after signing a deal with Capitol Records. However, he has yet to reveal details of a single or album release. Louis Walsh has said One Direction won't reunite for at least 10 years. The boyband, who formed on X Factor, went on hiatus in January and are rumoured to be reuniting in mid-2017. Walsh, however, said that would not be the case. Speaking to The Telegraph, he said: "It's not going to happen, nope. No, definitely not. It's over, they had their run, all over. It's done and it was an amazing career."
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