Dub - Welcome To The Origin (2014)

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Dub - Welcome To The Origin lyrics

It's all I know

Yo from the start of this shit, I've always been that nigga to watch
While them niggas found a gimmick to Pop
Man I'm still the same old g, im Ginuwine, genuine bop;
In some Bleeker Street Denim & some Timbaland broccs
Y'all like Cleo, them niggas couldn't vision my plot
In that TT Audi as I skid through the block
Rocking Roleys, all stoney; check the rim on the watch
I'm the one to bank on like I'm Vivica Fox
I'm 'bout to set it off. unh Hussein shit
The city 'bouta feel the tremble like when the planes hit
Unh flow nasty, flow dangerous
Tryna get this paper with the crew I remain with
Shit, this little industry is funny, I know
Cold world, I'll address it like its 20 below
Kick aura, got them loving the flow
On the low, Bruce Leroy; them niggas tryna study the glow
But this is Mike with the moonwalk; Big in his prime
Like Nas with the pink suit, similar vibe
Like Hov next to black street, the city is mine
Unh. you feel the ambiance, y'all niggas just rhyme
Im sick in my mind, that isolated, that weird shit
Fuck a cosign, could give a fuck who you peers with
Zuckerberg with the words, they can't bare with me
Tryna touch a bill off the net, in next years fit
Human made, raw denim -the shoe is suede
Blue rocks got bitches thinking I'm cool with Dame
What-up Dash? come holla, promise our view the same-
Hustlers mentality. watch how I do these lames!
Ya looks cool, bars mediocre
That's why they hit Dub and get it done like they supposedta
Leonardo da vinci, spirits of the Mona;
I'm abstract. watch me take it from the block to the MOMA mothafucka

Yea, yo ayo my style is heaven meets hell
Blasphemy cause this talent was God given but I mean well
Shitting on lames, unh. while you haters watching like Ezell
I see the bigger picture, Rest In Peace L
Wish you could see L
I'm working, it's way more than just rhyming
48 laws, we mastered the art of timing
Robert Greene theme, words precious as diamonds
Fuck around and do Jacob like Meech; my whole clique shining
Yea. blew a grip on my last watch
More gold than Rakim wore with the flat-top
I'm paid in full, Eric B style; we stack guap
For rainy days then we vacate wearing plaid tops
Getting on with the fam, that's success to me
Watch it unfold, I was supposed to -this is destiny
Promise to give you the best of me on this tape
Even if consumers see it as late. this is fate