Dub War - Silencer

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Dub War - Silencer lyrics

As life goes on
I often wonder
Will you see another day
You're hurting me
I don't know if it's lust ir it's love
But if you won it you gorrit

No never you could never understand
Now you must feel this pain forever
You could never understand

Silencer, silencer
Silencer, silence her

As life goes on he often regrets
Everything that he had done
Lies and deceits send me to jail without a trial
Now if you won it you gorrit no never
You could never understand
Now all this lust in my eyes isn't clever
Just because you cry to stand

Silencer, silencer
Silence, silence, silence, silence

Look what love has gone and done again
Step on your heart
Tears run down the drain

Down the drain

Down the drain

Down the drain

Silencer an now you wonna silence her
(take her out)
Silencer, silencer

If love is war an war is love
Then what are we all fighting for
Some of us crazy people living a lie
Jealousy can make you cry
I've been lost an i've been sussed an hurt an
Screaming crying am I breaking the law
Dat is wrong get it right i've jus goz to
Stand up strong

Silencer, silencer
Silencer, silencer