Dual Core - My GF Is... lyrics

Completely distracted by this girl riding by
I never really look, but this one caught my eye
Heart skipped a beat, and she was gone just as soon
I could see her just as soon as I walked in the room
Cut my conversation, reduced me to silence,
A girl like this sitting in Computer Science
First day of class, the room was still filling
Probably misread her schedule or had the wrong bulding

My girlfriends a hacker, yup its all there
Beautiful, funny, engineers software
She knew all the answers, she's the class hero
My chances with her had to be about zero.

When we got to talking, I couldn't believe
She was so down to earth, still it felt like a dream
She's too perfect, how can it be?
Thank her parents, her relitives, her whole family tree

(Chorus * 2)
My Girlfriends a hacker, best hacker ever
She's quick on her feet and her code is so clever
Yes, she's a hacker, and brilliant as well
Who knows what she cast, but I'm under her spell

So did I tell you what happened the other night after 2600?
Check this out

So I gave a talk about cross-site scripting
We're on the way home and she starts reminising.
She liked the presentation, and loved the exploits
She understood the concepts, so whats the next choice?
She loads up a site with a javascript buffer
Hacks into that, so she goes for another
No application was safe in her head,
Next thing I know she's owned half of the web
And now I'm terrified, but she's laughing instead
Wants to keep going till the other half's dead
Then the next day we were on a fast walk
Until she saw somebody on a laptop
2 minutes passed and their looking confused
Accounts locked out, not letting them choose
Started doing hacker stuff, it was unruly
No not that, I mean like hackers the movie

She had all these like smiley faces all over the screen
I'm like where'd you get this?

Chorus * 2

Completely amazing, we've really moved up
Creative and generous, this is too much
The birthday gift from her there was no tradeoff
My very own custom counter-strike aim bot
Perfect, accurate, elegant as well
She hacked it, tested, and coded it herself
Headshots galore everytime that I play
And wait till you hear about Valentines day
Posted a love note, hot like fever,
At the top of each site in my RSS reader

A few winters back when it was zero degrees
She camped out over night just to get a wii
Yes, its the truth, and we had a great time
Next morning came,numbers 1 and 2 in line
Kept one to play, and one on ebay
My girlfriends a hacker, what can I say

Chorus * 2