Drowning Pool - Shout At The Devil lyrics

"Let me see your fucking hands!"
"Are you ready?"...
Shout! (x3) - (Shout! x3) - Shout at The Devil!

[Verse 1]
He's the wolf screamin' lonely in the night
He's the blood stain on the stage
He's the tear in your eye, been tempted by his lie
He's the knife in your back - He's rage
He's the razor to the knife - Oh, lonely is our lives
My head's spinnin' 'round and 'round

But in the seasons of wither we'll stand & deliver
Be strong and laugh, and...
Shout! (x3) - Shout at The Devil! - Shout! (x3)

He'll be the love in your eyes
He'll be the blood between your thighs
And then have you cry for more...
He'll put strength to the test
He'll put the thrill back in bed
Sure, you've heard it all before...
He'll be the risk in the kiss
Might be anger on your lips
Might run scared for the door...

...Shout! (x3) - Shout! (x3) - Shout!

[Verse 1]...
"Fuck"... [Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus]...
...(Shout! x3) Shout at The Devil (x6)
..."Let me see your fuckin' Devil Horns"
...Oooh, whoa ...Oooh-oooohhooh