Drowning In Autumn - Love Song lyrics

The world is crashing around my feet.
When I talk to you I can not speak
(The world is crashing down)
I know it's so cliche
For me to say,
These words in a love song.
The way your smile sparkles in the sun.
The way I come undone.
(The words are coming now)

My heart is screaming your name.
Letting out the pain.
(I'm trying not to die inside)
My heart is singing a song for you.
Your name is a melody, It's singing that too.

I used to think the world,would stop spinning.
I used to think the stars would never shine,
But since I first saw you,
They started shinning tonight.

When I'm with you I believe I can fly.
When I'm near you, I get way to shy.
The world spins because of you,
And the stars shine, because of what you do.

Your name was meant for a song.
And I knew this all along.
To me you were never dead.
You were the four letter word always said.
To me you were, my love song.

The world is crashing around my feet.
When I got near you I could never speak.
(The words never came out)
I never knew you would die this way,
Why couldn't I just say,
you were my love song.