Dropkick Murphys - Good Rats lyrics

Have you ever stopped to think about what rats do for fun?
Sure they crawl around and scurry, yeah they're always on the run
But a rat sure likes a good time, just like you and me
Ill prove it with a tale about a rat-infested brewery

It started with a little lad named Vermin McCann
Who fell upon a drink that made him feel like quite a man
He rounded up his furry boys, though some wore a frown
They quickly changed their tune and they slammed a couple down

One, Two, One-Two-Three-Four!
Come on all you Good Rats, we'll send you to heaven
You'll find the Pearly Gates in the froth and the foam
Cause in these vats you've made quite a creation
A potion that turned the Guinness to gold!

Like mice behind a piper, rats from all around
Soon headed for this factory in old Dublin town
They surely heard the news about this fancy new rat-brew
They came, they saw, they had a taste, and knocked back a few


The rats were in a tizzy, addicted to the bone
The hairy lugs were giddy, they were never goin home
Like a bunch of drunken pirates, prepared to walk the plank
They drank they sang they took a plunge, and in the beer they sank!