Driver F - I Have Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die lyrics

I want to trace my life in wet cement
At least my footprints
So everyone can see
This wholehearted, misstep legacy
We all know its too fast to dry
My legs are getting tired and old
and I, I'm ready to die

This is my blood
These are my veins
Do you see what runs through them
Don't you ever think I could lose it

Anthems of hope
and misguided fears
is how I'll remember these past few years
With bittersweet melodies and desperate dreams
Our stories are amazing but we fall apart at our seams
It seems despite all of my failures
I am not afraid of these present times
I will rise just like a phoenix
Burn my name across city skies

Take your lives
Make your legends,
Pass them on, pass them on
Open my eyes
Tear my throat
We carry on
We sing our song