Driver F - Bury Me With My Money lyrics

Stand down! Stand down!
Why do you build your towers?
My best defenses
fall apart at my weakest hours
I try and I try to build these walls up to the sky
But all I have become is a walking, breathing empire of lies

Bury my body, my corpse-shaped seed
Start all over, just like a tree
My bones like roots
my tongue like leaves
Will grow back deeper
Trees they grow back stronger
Hearts they grow back stronger
They will grow back meeker
and I will grow back stronger

Wake up! Wake up
We are all on fire
We're walking torches fueled by our own desires
And I'm am no exception
I'm the perfect formulaic, failure combination
Too much confidence
Three parts desperation
I'm going to sever my head to get a different point of view

This is the pride before the fall
I'm waving my skin
like a white flag
Tear down your castle walls
Speak now the story of us all