Driver F - At Least We Are Civilized lyrics

Alone in a crowded room
wondering what everyone is thinking about me
And I've second guessed myself
to the point where even my own heart started to doubt me
So I started running
till I couldn't feel my legs
Yeah, I kept on running
till I couldn't recognize
My own eyes in the mirror
As they stared right back
at the ghost I had become
I couldn't remember why I had started to run

I gave up…
No more running
Now everything is different
No, let me explain
You see, nothing is different
It's just I am not the same
Oh, if I could make a difference
If I could make one change
I pray to God just one soul could hear these words
So they won't have to feel the pain
of waking up every morning
fever sick and scared to get out of bed
Not knowing if I took in oxygen
would it just be one breath closer to death

And I've been there before
Barely living for a year or more
And I've asked myself a million times and I said…

"Can I live like this?"
"Yes I can live like this?"
"No, I must insist I can't live like this"