Dreamwalk - Beyond Redress lyrics

One choice, I had it,
One chance, I blew it.
Let it all through,
Let it slip right through my hands.

One time so close, and today so far.
I've let it all slip through,
Water in my shaking hands.

So proud and so careless,
Oblivious to how things change.

Let it all slip through my hands.

So young and so restless,
Bereft of foresight life demands.

And now you're gone, so strange
That you're not here, but after all
One hope, I kept it, it stands neglected.
Still I do believe the opportunity will be resurrected.

I want it so badly, but I still don't know if
Life will grand me but another chance.

Waiting at the lost & found,
Sorry, 'cause you're not around.
I'm waiting, I'm waiting,
Still caring but you're nowhere to be found.
Waiting, I'm waiting,
And hoping you might turn around.

Turn around.