Dre Stackz - Blow U Out lyrics


[1st Verse]
1st time they fuck wit me
2nd time they fuck wit me
3rd time they fuck wit me
Goons up in they house bout a buck 50
Real street nigga u ain't even gotta ask me
Hurd niggas tawkin bout they quick ta blast it
Last time I checked they was all pussy and ass
Fuckin fags quick ta fuck a nigga fast
Certified goon quick ta beat a hoe ass swiftly
So I suggest you raise up like the prices on gas get me
Southern bread bastards so ya'll gon' respect this
Understand me or get 'cha family a death wish
Hardbody solija shit
Fuck who u rollin wit
Play wit me u could catch a whole clip
Keep a S on my chest call me Clark Kent
Goons on da block keep da mili. Sparkin
Bird ass niggas we leave ya'll boys squawkin
Shut the fuck up boy you hear a boss tawkin
Black flag sergeant


[2nd verse]
A black flag general , Stone cold criminal
You fuckin pretendn dude, Da clips a go into you
Choppa hit ya from da side
I'm bad news like a homicide
Damn straight I'm down ta ride, Street nigga till I die
Stay wit da heat so devil on my waistline
Hustle on da block muhfucka I get dimes
Time is money so fucka don't waste mine
I got em' hatin but I ain't plies
A prince and a king at same time
Said da boy g'd up n they ain't lien
Pockets hold weight cuase if they ain't I'm flyin
Tryna play me fuck boy keep tryin
Young boss on da block
Goons pop off wit the glocks
A murder ya whole flock
Bird niggas on my jock
Hatin on da shit rock
Mad cause they shit flop
Bitch nigga I'm on top