Dre Stackz - Army Gunz lyrics


[1st verse]
Yea it's da last test
I'm in a black mask, 2 techs
Fuck a vest i aim above the neck
N if i can't hit dat then i'm aimin fa ya legs
Click clack tat tat, da gun shoot
A hardbody so my skin bulletproof
Aimed right below the chin, right were dat apple be
Eat you up like apple Bees
Dats how i handle beef
Surve it up like buger king
Laser tag, red beam
Hit you on target who win my team
Me without green not seen
Boy nasty so mean and obseen
U fuckin wit a beast and money be my beauty
Ya try ta play me and you'll be sleepin beauty
Hit you in ya temple
Hollow tip go straight through
Red dot on ya head like ya worship Buddha
Hollow go straight through ya
Leave ya holy like da great buddah
I'ma lethal shoota


[2nd verse]
Look you gon hear a click din u gon see a spark
Ya ass a get mo hits din 106&Park
Suggest you watch all dat shit dat you talk
I'll put you wit da heater get lit like a ballpark
Ol boy nasty ATL braveheart
Tommy gun rip ya whole block apart
Beam underneath call it sharpshooter
N let da mack ta ya back till dat shit break
Or send da choppa at a chest and watch ya do da harlem shake
Rubberban man fresh out da trap
To fitted gats in da back
N fresh up out da box 2 birds
16 in da clips do da addition dat 32 shots
Pop, pop, watch ya body fall like a raindrop
A soilder from da southside
Gotta big clip dat'll make ya body rock like
Dem franchise boys
Now kill all dat noice