Drapht - Get A Hold Of Me lyrics

i'm stuck with the ball and chain
shackled to my leg. The same cloud keeps
pouring rain over my head
Its got a hold of me the older we get
the harder it becomes
forms a solid bond like a father to
his son. run down but never but never
found at the bottom i roll straight.
forgotten turned rotton like teeth
with no colgate- the cold takes your breath away
no better day my heart starts to pulsate
as old mates are led astray never wait
till it's too late to turn back
no talk or do learn when you land flat
on ya face your concerned that the race is in trouble
the only one with the fresh air is the boy in the bubble
polluted by money addiceted to power
ya ending up fucked like you slipped in the shower
hours to days and months turn to years
and your still on from your fears

Something something somethin
Got a hold of me
Its got a hold ofme and wont let go
somethin somethin somethin
got a hold of me
the weaker you get and the more it grows

A slave craving the taste
im addicted to the fixes
irresistable feelin the tender touch on my lips
any risk i gotta take
break the law for more like
Micheal theres more in store
I just gotta reassure
Im breakin the cycle Takin the title
well when i bail im hooked- Imprisoned for life
boom thrown in jail swallowed the key
seems to follow me far n wide
from 4 to 5
to the fu to the floor doors will fly
off hinges do walkin my myself without
a dilemma when you wanna forget
it penetrates the centre o' your mind
you can't hide it will find you like that
in time you gunna find that you're trapped

Somethin Somethin (got a hold on me)
its got a hold o' me an wont let go
somethin somethin somethin (Got a hold on me )
The weaker you get and the more it grows

Your drawn my a magnet magnified my a million
it effects all civilians men women and children
till your too tired to fight
minimising your fly cant take off no
energy to move sendin ya loose
sendin ya sixteen proud to admit
your weakness meets your match up a stature
of death attackin your chest no time for catchin
yoru breath it hatched a nest o'bag eggs with
bad habbits wantin somethin so bad you no you
shouldnt have it but you do cause your crew got you
under the thumb but you only keep runnin from the one
you've become a ton of weight on your shoulders holding you back
its gettin colder then the blank face that sold your the crap
im foldin the map cause you lost with nobodys help
the only person that can help is yourself

somethin somethin
got a hold on me
Its got a hold o' me n wont let go
somethin somethin somethin
got a hold on me
the weaker you get and the more it grows