Drake - The Motto (Remix) (feat. Tinie Tempah & Lil Wayne) (2011)

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Drake - The Motto (Remix) (feat. Tinie Tempah & Lil Wayne) lyrics

[Tinie Tempah]

Let's go uh!
I met her at the GQ dinner
Said she thought that I'd be taller. Said I thought that she'd be thinner
Eavesdropping on my convo, So I said "she's too inna"
Showed her the middle finger... Later on I had 2 in her
I'm a winner, I'm a winner, I'm a mu'fuckin winner
Make a chick cum faster than a 100m sprinter
When I take my top down, it look like Lucy Pinder
I'm a brother.. Ed Sheeran be the coolest ever ginger
What u saying, What u saying? Nigga what u saying?
You niggas: Holidae Inn. We be holidaying
Keep your game of tag ho, we ain't even playing
And my bitch booty bigger than a fuckin Eritrean
Nah mean? Nah mean? Nah nigga I'm lean
Only messin' with a chick if she as thick as Darlene
And these niggas ask me what I'm doing for our scene
I pay a bunch of these rappers just to keep my cars clean
Now she want a photo. You already know though
I told her "I can take it, but I won't get involved though."
Said she wanna kick it, I said "take off all your clothes.. ..bitch we in a bedroom, not a motherfucking Dojo"
If her pussy banging, Might buy a bitch a Polo
If her breath banging, Might buy a bitch a Polo
Make your chick cheat, and give your boy a low-blow
And Disturbing London baby, that's the photo on the logo