Drake - The Calm (So Far Gone Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1:]
, Uh, I'm just so far gone, october's own, Please leave me alone
, Drunk off champagne...
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Drake - The Calm (So Far Gone Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1:]
ZH: [第 1 节经文:]

EN: Uh, I'm just so far gone, october's own, Please leave me alone
ZH: 呃,我只是走了那么远 10 月自己,请让我静

EN: Drunk off champagne screamin' in the phone
ZH: 关闭在电话中向尖叫的香槟醉酒

EN: See my house is not a home, fuck is goin' on
ZH: 看看我的房子不是家,他妈是怎么回事

EN: Where did we go wrong, where do we belong
ZH: 我们哪里做错了,我们属于哪里

EN: Caught up in the game and it's one I can't postpone
ZH: 在游戏和它的抓一个我不能推迟

EN: Meaning if it rains I'm the one it's raining on
ZH: 意思如果下雨我一个下雨的

EN: When my diamond chain is on still nothing set in stone
ZH: 当我的钻石链时还是没什么在石头中设置

EN: Women borrow sweaters that I spray with my cologne
ZH: 妇女借我喷我科隆的毛衣

EN: And tell me don't forget 'em and I promise that I won't
ZH: 告诉我别忘了他们和我保证我不会

EN: Feelin' so distant from everyone I've known
ZH: 感觉那么遥远从大家都知道

EN: To make everybody happy I think I would need a clone
ZH: 使大家都高兴我想我会需要一个克隆

EN: Places we get flown, parties that we've thrown
ZH: 我们坐飞机来的地方我们已经引发的缔约方

EN: I've done more for this city then these rappers that have blown
ZH: 我做过有吹的多为这个城市然后这些说唱

EN: It's only been 3 Years look at how I've grown
ZH: 才过了 3 年看看我是如何成长

EN: I'm just in my zone, I call this shit the calm
ZH: 我只是在我区,我这就叫平静

EN: Yea, but I'm the furthest thing from calm
ZH: 是的但我最不平静

EN: Dedicated to my mom, and I swear my word is bond
ZH: 献给我的妈妈和我发誓我字是债券

EN: Everything will be ok and it won't even take that long
ZH: 一切都将确定,它甚至不会太久

EN: You can see it in my face or even read it on my palm
ZH: 你可以看到它在我的脸或甚至阅读它在我的掌心

EN: Leader of the new school it's proven and it's known
ZH: 它被证明的新的学校领导和众所周知是

EN: I'm sittin' in a chair but in the future it's a throne
ZH: 我坐在椅子上,但它在将来是一个宝座

EN: I know you like to worry it'll be better if you don't cause...
ZH: 我知道你喜欢不用担心它会更好如果你不会导致...

EN: [Talking:]
ZH: [说话:]

EN: You know, everything gone be alright, I promise. A
ZH: 你知道,一切都走了,好,我保证。A

EN: Pologize to you know, to put ya'll in this position and vent to ya'll but...
ZH: Pologize 给你知道,放你就会在这个位置和排气口到雅安会但......

EN: 40 mom always say, "Don't ask permisson, just ask forgiveness"
ZH: 40 妈妈总是说,"别问准入,只是祈求宽恕"

EN: You know, so... forgive me.
ZH: 你知道,所以,请原谅我。

EN: [Verse 2:]
ZH: [诗歌2:]

EN: Uh, And life is so insane, look what I've became, tryna make a name
ZH: 呃,和生命是如此疯狂,看我已经成为了,委屈使名称

EN: All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
ZH: 我第一次的日期将由我的名气被中断

EN: Because every picture taken is a fan that you can gain
ZH: 因为采取每个图片是你可以获得一个风扇

EN: They love it when you smile unaware that it's a strain
ZH: 他们很喜欢你的微笑不知道这是一株

EN: It's a curse you gotta live with when you born to entertain
ZH: 你要住在一起时是诅咒你出生来娱乐

EN: Women need attention therefore women will complain
ZH: 妇女需要注意妇女会因此抱怨

EN: Develop hatred for men and say that your the one to blame
ZH: 发展为人的仇恨,说你被责怪

EN: Tryna enjoy myself with Taz in miami at the game
ZH: 委屈自己欣赏与迈阿密 Taz 在游戏

EN: I just wish he knew how much it really weighed like dwayne
ZH: 我只是希望他知道多少它真的称像德维恩

EN: It's a weight that's on my chest whoever spottin' me is playin'
ZH: 它是在我的胸口无论谁抽筋我是玩是重量

EN: So I'm liftin' all alone try not to get a sprain
ZH: 所以我是 liftin' 独自不要搞扭伤

EN: Hopin' western union doing currency exchange
ZH: 希望做货币兑换的西部联盟

EN: Cause my dad called and got me feelin' guilty and ashamed
ZH: 导致我爸爸叫和让我感觉羞愧与自责

EN: Like, how I had a Rolls and I went and got a Range
ZH: 喜欢,如何过卷和我去取一系列

EN: And he payin' for his cigarettes with dollars and some change
ZH: 他一分房他香烟与美元和一些变化

EN: Damn, and I could only feel his pain
ZH: 我和妈的仅能感觉到他的痛苦

EN: Cause in memphis tennessee there's only so much to attain
ZH: 在孟菲斯田纳西州有的原因是只有这么多,实现

EN: So I'm fillin' out the form at the counter once a-gain
ZH: 代他的所以我班出窗体上的计数器一旦一个增益

EN: He say he love me I just hope he doesn't say that shit in vain
ZH: 他说他爱我我只是希望他不会说那东西徒然

EN: I'm why yo girl heart is in a slang
ZH: 我为什么哟女孩的心是在俚语中

EN: Call me heartbreak Drake I'm the hardest one to tame
ZH: 叫我伤心我是最难驯服的德雷克

EN: As a man I'm just honest as a artist I'm a king
ZH: 作为一个男人,我只是作为一位艺术家的诚实我是国王

EN: With my own set of problems that be sittin' on my brain
ZH: 我自己设置的问题,是坐在我的大脑

EN: Yea, And see this is the thang
ZH: 是的和看到这是升

EN: What they viewing as braggin' is the way that I maintain
ZH: 他们查看作为满嘴胡言乱语什么,我的方法是什么

EN: The shit I write while staring out the window of a plane
ZH: 我凝视着窗外的一架飞机同时写的狗屎

EN: Is the single handed reason I Remain...
ZH: 是单递给我保持的原因......

EN: [Talking:]
ZH: [说话:]

EN: Me, Yea... Uh, I said I call this shit the calm.
ZH: 我,是的......呃,我说过我这就叫平静。

EN: But I'm the furthest thing from calm.
ZH: 但我最不平静。

EN: I swear I'm puttin' on but they always wanna ask what type of act you puttin' on like... Man.
ZH: 我发誓我要演戏,但他们总是想问哪种类型的行为你放上喜欢......男人。