Drake - Over (On Jimmy Kimmel) (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Drake - Chorus]
, I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year
, who the...
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Drake - Over (On Jimmy Kimmel) (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Drake - Chorus]
ZH: [德雷克-合唱]

EN: I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year
ZH: 我知道太多的人在这里现在我不知道去年

EN: who the fuck are y'all?
ZH: 谁他妈是你们吗?

EN: I swear it feels like the last few nights we've been everywhere and back
ZH: 我发誓感觉就像前几个晚上我们一直到处和回

EN: but I just can't remember it all
ZH: 但我只是不记得这一切

EN: what am I doing, what am I doing?
ZH: 什么我在做,我干什么?

EN: oh yeah thats right, I'm doing me, I'm doing me
ZH: 哦是的是的我做我、 我做我

EN: I'm living life right now man
ZH: 我的生活生活现在的男人

EN: and this what I'm do til its over
ZH: 和这个我做直到它的结束

EN: til it's over, it's far from over
ZH: 直到一切都结束,它是远未结束

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: alright, bottles on me
ZH: 好吧,瓶上我

EN: long as someone drink it
ZH: 只要有人喝它

EN: never drop the ball, fuck y'all thinking
ZH: 从来没有放下球,操你们的思考

EN: making sure the young money ship is never sinking
ZH: 确保年轻钱船从来没有下沉

EN: bout to set it off in this bitch Jada Pinkett
ZH: 要设置它在这个婊子 Jada 杰达平凯特

EN: I shouldn't have drove, tell me how I'm getting home
ZH: 我不应该驾驶了,告诉我如何我回家

EN: you too fine to be laying down in bed alone
ZH: 你太细,躺在床上一个人

EN: I can teach you how to speak my language Rosetta stone
ZH: 我可以教你如何说我的语言石碑

EN: I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever known
ZH: 我发誓这辈子就像我所见过最甜蜜的事

EN: got to go thriller Mike Jackson on these n'ggas
ZH: 要对这些 n'ggas 去惊悚片迈克 · 杰克逊

EN: all I need is a fucking red jackets with some zippers
ZH: 我需要的是那该死的红夹克与一些拉链

EN: super good smidoke a package of the swishas
ZH: 超级好 smidoke 的 swishas 包

EN: I did it over night, it couldn't happen any quicker
ZH: 我做了这一夜,它不会发生任何速度更快

EN: y'all know them, but fuck it me either
ZH: 你们都知道他们,但干它我要么

EN: but point the biggest skeptic out I'll make them a believer
ZH: 但点出我最大的怀疑论者会让他们的信徒

EN: it wouldn't be the first time I've done it throwing hundreds
ZH: 它不是第一次做投掷数百个

EN: when I should be throwing ones bitch I run it ahh
ZH: 将应引发那些婊子时运行它啊

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Uhhh,
ZH: 诸位,

EN: one thing bout music when it hits you feel no pain
ZH: 一件事 bout 音乐到你的时候感觉不到疼痛

EN: and I swear I got this shit that makes these bitches go insane
ZH: 我发誓这使得去这些婊子的狗屎疯了

EN: so they tell me that they love me I know better than that it's just game
ZH: 所以他们告诉我他们爱我我知道更好地比,它是只是游戏

EN: it's just what comes from fame
ZH: 它是什么只是来自名人堂

EN: and I'm ready for that I'm just saying
ZH: 我已做好准备,只说

EN: I really can't complain, everything is kosher
ZH: 我真的不能抱怨,一切都是犹太

EN: two thumbs up, ebert and roeper
ZH: 竖起两个大拇指,埃伯特和 roeper

EN: I really can't see the end getting any closer
ZH: 真的看不到获取任何接近结束

EN: but I'll probably still be the man when everything is over
ZH: 但我可能还会成为的人,当一切都已结束

EN: so I'm riding through the city with my high beams on
ZH: 所以我现在骑穿过城市与我高梁上

EN: can you see me can you see me get your visine on
ZH: 你能看到我你可以看到我把你的化妆品上

EN: y'all just do not fit the picture
ZH: 你们只是不适合图片

EN: turn your widescreen on
ZH: 打开您宽屏

EN: if you thinking Imma quit before I die dream on
ZH: 如果你想凋谢退出之前死的梦

EN: man they treat me like a legend
ZH: 伙计他们对待我像一个传奇

EN: am I really this cold
ZH: 我真的这么冷吗

EN: I'm really too young to be felling this old
ZH: 我真的太小,不能砍伐这老

EN: it's about time you admit it who you kidding man
ZH: 是的时候你承认你在开玩笑的人

EN: nobody's ever done it like I did it
ZH: 没人做过它一样它

EN: ahh
ZH: 啊

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]