Drake - Killers (feat. Nipsey Hussle) (2009)

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Drake - Killers (feat. Nipsey Hussle) lyrics

Ahhhh Ahaa Ahaa
i let the beat bang i don’t claim colors,
honestly the honesty is why the game love us,
my women either centerfolds or on the main covers,
stunt so hard i make these n-ggas hate summer,
and pray for winter but when its winter time,
im still waiting on these n-ggas at the finish line,
we just took our first trip to the Amalfi coast,
couple days on the beach then its Adios,
killer, just look what i done alone,
you would swear we planted trees the way the money’s grown,
we been busy like some bees no honey comb,
and you could proly feel the breeze when the moneys blown,
pardon my towel and flip flop phase,
i never be the reason that a b-tch got paid,
even when i am not functioning in tip top shape,
i can bench as much as hip hop weighs,

Ahh imma trynna bring it home even if i gotta do it on my own,
imma motherf-king killer killer killer killer,
Ahh and i’m the one the blame now that I’m around sh-t’ll never be the same,
Im a killer killer killer killer n-gga

[Nipsey Hussle]
before rap my last name was my lifestyle,
when i visualize success it look like right now,
what was once grey skies is now white clouds,
and i did it with the ones you said was not the right crowd,
follow my steps and you see what im bout,
i keep my money coming in and never going out,
from Chuck Taylors on the pavement with the blammers out,
then i hit the league straight on the street with no talent scout,
and now my face bring the cameras out,
that young n-gga these industry b-tches yap about,
you know the one the cops bump u up and ask about
all because i took my wildest dreams and then mapped them out,
i go for mine like its over time,
me and my n-ggas had to struggle so we over shine
been f-ck b-tches i be on my grind,
cuz on a mission your worst enemy is idle time,