Drake - Jodeci (Freestyle) (feat. J. Cole) (Nothing Was The Same: The Prelude Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Drake]
, Yeah
, 26 on my third GQ cover
, Your new shit sound like you do covers
, On all...

Drake - Jodeci (Freestyle) (feat. J. Cole) (Nothing Was The Same: The Prelude Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Drake]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 德雷克]

EN: Yeah
ZH: 是

EN: 26 on my third GQ cover
ZH: 我第三次 gq 杂志封面上 26

EN: Your new shit sound like you do covers
ZH: 您新的狗屎声音像你这样盖

EN: On all of my old shit, oh shit
ZH: 我的旧东西,该死的所有

EN: I devoted to making sure that shit goes unnoticed
ZH: 我致力于确保大便面面俱到

EN: Swear you niggas is hopeless
ZH: 发誓你的黑人就是无药可救

EN: I should run a clinic for niggas that think that they're winning
ZH: 我认为他们赢了应该运行一个诊所的梦

EN: On some coach shit, 50Ms for a three month road trip
ZH: 妈的为三个月的旅途 50ms年一些教练上

EN: I see straight through them like fish tanks with no fish in them
ZH: 我看到直接通过他们喜欢鱼缸没有鱼儿

EN: Drizzy still got some '06 in him
ZH: Drizzy 在他仍然有一些 ' 06

EN: IRS all in my books getting they Matlock on
ZH: 都在我的书让他们马特洛克国税局

EN: All this capital it's like I left the caps lock on
ZH: 这就像大写锁定左侧的所有资本

EN: It's like every time I plot a return I seem to shift the game
ZH: 就像每次我绘制返回我似乎转移游戏

EN: See I can still talk keys without pitchin' cane
ZH: 见我还可以说话快言快语的甘蔗无键

EN: Pay yourself and owe yourself
ZH: 支付自己和自己欠自己

EN: Before you come to my city just know yourself
ZH: 你到我的城市只是来之前知道自己

EN: Know where you at
ZH: 知道在哪里你在

EN: I'm good in every town, I'mma be there doing shows where you at
ZH: 我好在每个小镇,我来在那里做展示在你在

EN: The lights hit women screaming like Jodeci's back, nigga
ZH: 灯光打进妇女尖叫像好坏的后面,黑鬼

EN: [Interlude: Dennis Graham]
ZH: [插曲: 丹尼斯 · 格雷厄姆]

EN: But that’s… that’s where all this.. that’s where the feeling is.
ZH: 但那是......这是在哪里这一切...就在那种感觉。

EN: That’s where all that shit comes from… man I mean like
ZH: 这就是在那狗屎来自......我的意思是一样的男人

EN: The music that you and I used to listen to ahh.. was just..
ZH: 我和你用来听啊听的音乐...只是...

EN: Absolutely phenomenal, because we went through it all.
ZH: 绝对惊人,因为我们经历了这一切。

EN: We went through errythang..
ZH: 我们经历了 errythang...

EN: I remember you loved Jodeci
ZH: 我还记得你爱好坏

EN: I mean like studied, you even made me a CD…
ZH: 我的意思是像你学习,甚至让我一张 CD......

EN: [Verse 2: Drake]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 德雷克]

EN: Your money is just a little Barney’s Co Op for you to be tryna show out
ZH: 你的钱是让你成为最潇洒展现出来只是巴尼的 Co Op

EN: I'm in your girl's ear planting seeds like a grow-op
ZH: 我是在你女儿的耳朵像成长 op 播种

EN: We move the operation to Cali soon as the snow drop
ZH: 我们移动到卡利尽快雪拖放操作

EN: Oh stop, please stop arguin' 'bout who's the best emcee
ZH: 哦停止,请停止 arguin' ' bout 是最佳司仪

EN: I think everyone would agree, they know that you're not
ZH: 我觉得大家都同意,他们知道你不是

EN: I know I'm a sure shot, middle finger poking you in your sore spot
ZH: 我知道我肯定射击,中指戳你在你的痛处

EN: Bars sound like I'm under oath nigga
ZH: 酒吧听起来像我下誓言黑鬼

EN: I comedy central roast niggas and turn 'em to ghost niggas
ZH: 我喜剧中央烤黑鬼又让他们鬼鬼

EN: Either I'm gettin' bigger or you're just gettin' smaller or it's both nigga
ZH: 我也要 '更大或你刚开始' 较小或它是这两个黑鬼

EN: I'm just as unforgivin' as most niggas
ZH: 我只是作为 unforgivin' 最爱你

EN: You bit the hand, now starve, it's not a joke nigga
ZH: 你咬手,现在饿死,也不是一个笑话黑鬼

EN: I'll hang you with it after I teach you the ropes nigga
ZH: 我会用它绞死你后我教你绳黑鬼

EN: Oh well, bitches paint OVO on their toenails
ZH: 那好吧,这些婊子涂料 OVO 在他们的脚趾甲上

EN: And show up at the show, the afterparty, and the hotel
ZH: 出现在节目、 小聚和酒店

EN: That five star in your city, they know where we at
ZH: 您所在的城市,那五个明星,他们知道在哪儿我们在

EN: I hit the lobby, women's screaming like Jodeci's back, nigga
ZH: 我打了大厅里,妇女的尖叫像好坏的后面,黑鬼

EN: [Bridge: J.Cole]
ZH: [桥: J.Cole]

EN: Jodeci's back
ZH: 好坏的背

EN: You bitches screamin' like Jodeci's back
ZH: 你们这些婊子这样好坏的背尖叫

EN: I call the front desk for condoms, she's sayin' they ain't got none
ZH: 我打电话给前台的避孕套,她说: ' 他们是没有任何

EN: The way that I'm respondin', she know that we black, nigga
ZH: 我是 respondin' 的方式,她知道我们黑黑鬼

EN: (Fuck you mean you ain’t got no condoms)
ZH: (操你是说你不是有没有避孕套)

EN: Jodeci's back
ZH: 好坏的背

EN: Fuckin' hoes like Jodeci's back
ZH: 他妈的像好坏的背锄头

EN: I paint pictures and flip words
ZH: 我用绘画和翻转单词

EN: Nigga woulda thought Def Poetry back
ZH: 黑鬼以为 Def 诗回

EN: [Verse 3: J.Cole]
ZH: [诗歌 3: J.Cole]

EN: Roof top, hoes turnt up
ZH: 屋顶上,把锄头 turnt

EN: Lookin' for your bitch, bet she won't turn up
ZH: 找你的婊子,敢说她不会说

EN: Wonder where she is, fuck could she be
ZH: 难怪她在哪里,操她会不会

EN: She's a ho, she's a slut, she's a freak
ZH: 她是何议员,她是个荡妇,她是个怪胎

EN: Heard a couple niggas hatin' but them fuck niggas weak
ZH: 听到讨厌的几个黑鬼,但他们他妈的黑鬼弱

EN: Count a hundred thousand dollars like it sucks to be me
ZH: 算起来 10 万美金糟透了,是我

EN: Ain't that what you wanted? Stuntin' on you niggas
ZH: 这是不是你想要什么吗?Stuntin' 关于你爱你

EN: Came in this game never frontin' on you niggas
ZH: 在这个游戏中从来没有 frontin' 上你的兄弟来了

EN: Gave you heart and soul, stories of my pain
ZH: 给了你的心和灵魂,我的痛苦故事

EN: Feel naked cause I laid out all my glory and my shame
ZH: 我阐述了我所有的荣耀和我的羞耻的感觉赤裸事业

EN: Caught fire just to have niggas ignore me and my flame
ZH: 着了火,只是为了爱你忽略了我和我的火焰

EN: 'Bout to burn down the house, they tryna put me in the rain, no
ZH: ' Bout,烧了房子,他们最潇洒把我放在下雨,不

EN: Fuck your list you lame niggas and doubters
ZH: 操你烂鬼和怀疑您的列表中

EN: I'm undoubtedly the hottest and that's just me bein' modest
ZH: 无疑最热门,这只是我刻薄 ' 谦虚

EN: Go check the numbers dummy, that's just me gettin' started
ZH: 去看看数字假人,那就是刚刚我得到 ' 开始

EN: I'm artistic, you niggas is autistic, retarded
ZH: 我是艺术,你的黑人就是自闭症、 弱智

EN: Started, hold your applause
ZH: 开始时,按住你的掌声

EN: Who gives a poker face when you jokers showed me your cards?
ZH: 谁给一张扑克脸,当你屁给我看了你的卡?

EN: David and Goliath, takin' on the giants
ZH: 大卫与歌利亚,带上巨人

EN: No need for pause when I tell you my balls bigger than yours
ZH: 不需要暂停时我告诉你们我的球比你的大

EN: No false gods, young Mike playin' against the Monstars
ZH: 没有虚假的神,年轻的迈克玩儿 Monstars

EN: Tappin' into '94 Nas
ZH: 钉入 94 Nas

EN: Or that '96 Jay, or that Chronic shit, Dre
ZH: 或者 96 Jay 或那慢性狗屎,肛门指诊

EN: Which is really just Slim Shady, I'm silly, my pen crazy
ZH: 也就是真的只是苗条阴暗,我傻了,我的钢笔疯狂

EN: Today I'm out in Philly, my fans waitin' for twelve hours
ZH: 今天我出去在费城,我等十二个小时的粉丝

EN: Just to get their dollar signed
ZH: 只是为了得到签署其美元

EN: Thoughts stream like I'm Spotifyin'
ZH: 思想流像是 Spotifyin'

EN: Trenchcoat flow, bottom line
ZH: 风衣流、 底线

EN: To these too cool for school niggas I'm Columbine
ZH: 对这些太酷了对学校黑鬼我是科伦

EN: Flow dumber than your projections
ZH: 流您预测比猪还笨

EN: This makes twice now, I doubled what you expected, yet
ZH: 这使得两次了,增加了一倍你所预期的而尚未

EN: Your covers keep perplexin' me
ZH: 你盖保持一个个我

EN: Maybe it's too complex for me
ZH: 也许是太复杂了,我

EN: But is this 'bout skills or is this 'bout sales?
ZH: 但这是 'bout 技能或这是' bout 销售吗?

EN: Cause either fuckin' way, man all them niggas is less to me
ZH: 因为他妈的不管怎样,伙计所有那些黑鬼少给我

EN: You legends know that we rap
ZH: 你传奇知道我们说唱

EN: Bitches screamin' like Jodeci's back
ZH: 这样好坏的背尖叫的母狗