Drake - If Only Yall New lyrics

Me looking down below to yall is the only way you would UNDERSTAND ME get it Drake hit me up man YD aka young done it looking for a deal hit the clubs throw some hundreds , maybe meets some broads who willing to let me get some backshots and if hella cool even get a couple a snap shots for the road tour bus life is getting old show up b**** go wild for wat i do no sitting up top just looking down below on some hunchback bullshyt call me quiesmodoe but really who could have pictured this with out a camara starring at celebrities feeled up with glamour sister dont believe that i met Nickii them old lines i used may make her not want to mess with me , but Drake if you could give me a chance to sign under you man i idolize yo flow and even patten yo vocals cant wait to be a multi millionare hoolywood molgue but hit me up soon my mom just said its time for dinner 513 6281813 is her number DONT try and spin just tell her you a friend from school cause she a fan of you to and dont want her to look like a fool a mill in the first week is what my album sells a look like cause im under you the beat crisspy and my hook nice only cause you featured not to seem modest but you da illest out bra im just trying to be honest but if you get to read this please make yourself a promise, sign yd so you can take off a couple years vacate with Nickii maybe to the bahmamas Cincinnati Ohio Darrell kinney