Drake - Greatness lyrics (Chinese translation). | Uh, I am a distraction,
, comin from my spot and I dont signal as I back in.
, If cash is beautiful...
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Drake - Greatness (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Uh, I am a distraction,
ZH: 嗯,我是一种干扰,

EN: comin from my spot and I dont signal as I back in.
ZH: 于我的位置和我不信号作为我回去。

EN: If cash is beautiful then money is attraction
ZH: 如果现金是美丽的钱然后是吸引力

EN: then I should be a motherfuckin’ centerfold of maxim.
ZH: 那么我应该真他妈的 ' 插页的格言。

EN: Open to my page and admire my desire,
ZH: 打开到我的页面和钦佩我的渴望,

EN: frequent flyer I aspire to retire,
ZH: 我渴望退休的常客

EN: my boy stands alone if I’m with the chior,
ZH: 我的孩子却是孤独如果我用 chior

EN: got a Cannon on my hip but nigga this is not Mariah.
ZH: 有一门大炮在我臀部但黑鬼上的这不是玛丽亚。

EN: Na, this the record killer for hire.
ZH: Na,此记录雇佣杀手。

EN: I eat and sleep with the weapon, the beat is all i require,
ZH: 我吃饭、 睡觉用的武器、 敲打是所有需要,

EN: Look i created despite the nigga that hated, every single bar gettin first forty-eighted
ZH: 看看我创建了尽管恨,每单栏获取第四十一届 eighted 的黑鬼

EN: in the state of euphoria feelin so sedated.
ZH: 中的兴奋感觉所以麻醉状态。

EN: The me and bitch the same were feel so related,
ZH: 我和婊子一样被感觉如此相关的

EN: (?) in stated or denniscaded(?)
ZH: (?)在指出或 denniscaded(?)

EN: I put a thousand on it, I could prolly fuck the waitress.
ZH: 我把它有千多人,我可以高潮干女服务员。

EN: So wait just take this,
ZH: 所以等只是拿着这个

EN: One lie at a time, make sure it makes sense
ZH: 一个谎言一次,确保它有意义

EN: White cup, orange pop tenneshee state shit
ZH: 白色杯子,橙流行 tenneshee 状态狗屎

EN: drop a four winning and then appreciate The Greatness, nigga haha
ZH: 放了四个赢得,然后欣赏伟大,黑鬼哈哈

EN: Yeah,
ZH: 是的

EN: I wrote this verse sittin in my new car,
ZH: 我写在我的新车,这一节

EN: sometimes where you headed is too far,
ZH: 有时你去什么地方是太远了,

EN: It’s more about where you are.
ZH: 它是更多关于你在哪里。

EN: and I am, everywhere where you wish you could be
ZH: 我是无处不在你希望你也能

EN: Somebody somewhere just really understood me
ZH: 在某处只是真的有人理解我

EN: lyrics courtesy of killer hip hop dot com
ZH: 由杀手嘻哈点 com 提供歌词

EN: Yeah, I dream big, no false hope
ZH: 是的我梦想,没有假的希望

EN: My other niggas move keys, no off notes
ZH: 我其他的黑人移动键,不关闭备注

EN: But understand rich is a how were all ending up,
ZH: 但理解丰富是如何被所有结局

EN: I’m at the label in the elevator,
ZH: 我在电梯中的标签

EN: send them up!
ZH: 送来 !

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]