Drag-On - Groundhog Day lyrics

Everyday is the same day
Its Groundhog day, its Groundhog day

Verse 1:
Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes
Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye
Hear the folks outside, kids cutting school
Grab the remote play the hot shit of course my shit
Steam up the bathroom till the mirrors fog
Can't wait to ball, with my niggas god
Dry off splash on the Izzi Miak
Cut up the rock, head for the door oops forgot
You know I can't leave my chrome thats my love jones
Niggas in front of the building niggas making a killing
But when I come through niggas catching they feelings
Cuz the fiends follow who cuz my bottles be spilling
I can hear em now "What'd he get a ship from Brazil?"
"Its gotta be good look at the fiends leaving they children"
And thats fucked up niggas mad cuz my pockets bucked up
With my clique pull the truck up
Yo hold up, let me get this dough before it slow up
Then we can go see about some ass and go cut some hash
This bundle is my last jump in the ride whats that
DMX shit go head put it on my shit
DMX:(from Look Thru my Eyes)